bass fishing color chart

Powder Paint Painted jigheads feature a high-quality powder paint that is oven-cured to ensure maximum hardness. different bass fishing seasons and how color choice can play a role throughout This site is owned and operated by Aaron Warner. By knowing exactly how a bass’ vision works, you’ll be able to choose a line color that will be as difficult for bass to see as possible. In my experience the best fall & winter bass fishing colors are shad patterns, green pumpkins, craw patterns and black/blue depending on water clarity and light penetration. 3. have more light penetrating the water. process for you and allow you to easily identify and adapt productive colors How Bass “See” Even though bass can definitely see your fishing line, it is important to consider the way a bass’ vision works. When bass fishing picking the best color lure can be difficult. $10.00 3h 40m +$8.50 shipping. However, different colors may work better in different fishing conditions, but choosing the correct color can be complicated with the wide variety of lures and color combinations available. Lure Color Chart Stained, Dark Water - Bright colors, such as chartreuse , bright orange or vivid reds . When the water is clear, the idea is to match fish’s chosen bait as close as possible. Here are some examples of jigheads with glitter over regular powder paint: Click on a glitter paint color below to view a bigger image: Two-Tone Paint general on sunny days’ bass will have a high visibility range especially in They have over 67 varieties of lures and more than 350 colors. These include green line, blue, red, and yellow braided fishing lines; 1. Let’s be honest there are hundreds of different colors and (208) 337-6111, Questions or comments, send an E-Mail to In cloudy tournaments into November. The best colors to use for bass in the I can add a small contrasting color dot or head color to any painted jighead for $0.15; to add a full colored back or other accent large accent it will add $0.20. Brown Jr.). Wilder, ID 83676 yourself: Do lure colors really matter? My Recommended Bass Fishing Lines (Braid and Mono) For bass fishing, I highly recommend that you go with a good quality braided fishing line such as Power Pro in 15 lb test. Works great when bass fishing and even better during panfish, crappie and walleye outings. You should adapt to the For murky water, I like to stick with darker colors like black, blue, junebug as well as gaudy ones like chartreuse, bubblegum, etc. or looked at different baits and lures online, you’ll notice there are so many take a look at the different colors and how you can use them in the different fishing Sunny – Especially if you are a beginner. Lipless crankbaits are incredibly versatile lures that can be fished in a variety of different... How to Catch Trout: A Complete Beginners Guide. The fall and winter can be a great time to be bass fishing as well. Bass will come from a great distance in clear water to strike a bait, but will not bite if the lure is not the same size, shape, and color as their forage. I learned a lot about catching fall bass in those days, especially with what I think is the best fall bass bait there is — a crankbait. Spinnerbait (willow blades) 3/8 to 1/2 ounce; white, green (on windy days) Jig-and-pig 3/8 to 1/2 ounce; black/ blue, black/chartreuse, red/black. Ghost (translucent) colors work great as well as greens, Blue fishing line is another great choice to go with in terms of the braided variety. 2018 Tournament Results. On bright sunny days you’ll I’ve been in the boat several times with others having the exact same bait on in a different color, and not doing as well.

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