how to improve reading comprehension gmat

It’s a mental exercise, not physical. 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Read for Author's Main Idea and Primary Purpose. You might think – “What is the big deal? Compare the article with the summary you have just written. Published on 2018-03-01 2018-03-01. If you get a Reading Comprehension question wrong, for example, you might be at a loss to explain what caused the error. The GMAT Reading Comprehension section is delivered as a CAT, or a Computer-Adaptive Test. With 250 words per minute, an adult reader has a comprehension of 70%. If you are planning to cross the 700 mark, focus on 100% accuracy in GMAT RC. The Reading Comprehension question on the GMAT don’t get talked about (or practiced) as often as the other two question types; even though there are 139 RC questions in OG12 (compared to 124 CR and 140 SC), RC’s connection to your lifetime of reading skills — difficult to improve in a couple months before the test — and the time investment in practice make it less-studied. Here are some exercises from the book that will improve your reading comprehension:1) Read from the ScreenThis is a no brainer but many GMAT test takers get used to reading hard copies of GMAT study guides. Or, you might conclude that the problem was something such as, “I didn’t understand that part of the passage.” While that may be true, it’s not like you purposefully misunderstood that part of the passage. Read the first question before the Passage. For most MBA Aspirants, the Business related topics are easy to comprehend. Hi Anonymous! With regression or back skipping, we go back to previously read word or sentence and read them again, thinking that this practice improve comprehension. so its not gonna take long.3. All questions are to be answered on the basis of what is stated or implied in the reading material. To my students I suggest the economist : the level of reading and the grammar structures are similar to the GMAT, the topics are varied, and a certain number of articles are free each week. Those preparing for GMAT exam should concentrate all the section preparation. With performance monitoring and practice questions, your reading speed will naturally improve from an average of 200 words per minute to 350 words per minute. So you save time.2. Here is one simple template that F1GMAT’s team has created for you. I am a B.tech and have got 3 years of wrk ex..currently working with a MNC. Complete GMAT RC Questions in less than 1 minute and 50 seconds2. There has to be a reason as to why the author doesn't wrote everything in the same para! I read somewhere that you should read it (along with making notes) in 3 minutes. Otherwise, speed-reading has no real value.Concepts used in Speed Reading are beyond the scope of this book, but remember that the fundamental idea to improve speed is to avoid regressions. 5. Mostly social science/business topics. Don't fill in the blanks yourself. This section evaluates the following abilities: Mukul,Your first point, read between the paragraphs. 6. Start with one chapter in the evening. How to Improve GMAT Reading Comprehension. This is what makers of the GMAT have to say about READING COMPREHENSION : gmat-club-s-reading-comprehension-strategy-guide-83101.html Also, experimenting with different RC strategies may lead you to a more helpful method suited to your tastes. !Hope that helps... Mukul,What is the approximate time it should take to read a passage, including the time it takes to write the main idea and primary purpose of EACH paragraph. Practice for this scenario. Because the Reading Comprehension section of the GMAT® exam includes passages from several different content areas, you may be generally familiar with some of the material; however, no specific knowledge of the material is required. Don't go for choices which hold true only for one part of the author's argument. I am also planning to take GMAT this year.Need your advice on the same. Short passages are structured into either one or two paragraphs. When we are reading our favorite topic, we don’t need any effort to concentrate. Without comprehending a sentence, you will not be able to distill its meaning. I've only one thing to say to them : you may actually never solve a SC question or involve yourself in Critically Reason out an argument, but you would certainly read something everyday!! What I am saying is, success in RC is about general reading speed and comprehension, a skill we all use everyday. At the end of reading, ask yourself questions like : What was the passage about? Writing down the Main idea and PP of each para can take sometime. One way to improve the entire verbal section: Improve accuracy and speed of reading. Do an initial reading and take notes. When you improve your speed to 350, comprehension should improve to at least 95%. 3) The average reading comprehension article is 300-500 words. Classify the passages as. If your child's class is studying a particular theme, look for easy-to-read books or magazines on the topic. However, after the change in GMAT format in April 2018, RC has become a more important sub-section. Maybe you are slowing down when you encounter scientific terms or long words. Need to know will I be able to prepare for Gmat in next 3 months? The first step towards improving your reading comprehension has to be reading in a space where you’ll be able to concentrate. Speed up Summary Creation6.

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